Dental Assisting

Dental Assisting


About this course

Fundamentals of Dental Assisting

Expanded Functions of Dental Assisting

After graduating from the Dental Assisting Program, students will be able to assist the dentist chairside using standard dental assisting procedures. Students will also be able to expose a diagnostic quality radiographic survey (take quality x-rays), take impressions, make a bleaching tray, sterilize instruments and disinfect the operating area and other standard procedures.


Do you offer financing?

We have a variety of payment and financing options available. Beehive Federal Credit Union, Care Credit, and Mountain America are great financial institutions to work with. Contact us today with any question you have.

How do I get started?
What does the course experience include?

Our SEIDA courses includes classroom learning, office experience, lab experience, hands on training, and clinical instruction.

Can I schedule a tour?

Fill out our Contact Us form or call us today at (208)881-2685 and we’ll get you scheduled.

Are there any class requirements?
  • GED or high school diploma, or currently attending high school
  • Signed disclosure document and application form with payment
Is there training?

We have 20 hour observation/assisting hours available.

Is there a required internship?

There is no internship required for course completion, however, there are externships available.